Christ the King Parish began in 1974 as an outstation of St. Michael Parish Lang’ata, by then under the pastoral care of the Guadalupe Fathers, from Mexico.
In 1992 Fr. Arturo Arreguin was appointed as assistant parish priest in St. Michael’s Parish, and his pastoral work involved visiting the Small Christian Communities in Kibera. It soon became tiresome for him to shuttle through the large pastorate back to his residence every evening. Thus he decided to live and work in the slum (in Laini Saba), which was a sub-parish; a priest’s house was built to facilitate his work.
In November 1997, during the Christ the King Feast celebration, Fr. Roberto Figueroa Gomez, who was by then the assistant priest requested his Grace Archbishop Raphael Ndingi, who was celebrating the mass, to officially recognize Christ the King as a Parish; since the number of faithful had grown larger and there was a need to move services nearer to the people.
In February 1998, Christ the King outstation was officially recognized as a parish within the Archdiocese of Nairobi. Since the number of Christian continued to increase and thus enabling the formation of more small Christian communities and different parish groups.
Currently the parish is subdivided into 5 sub-parishes with 42 Small Christian Communities and 30 volunteer catechists. We implement our Strategic Pastoral Plan through 6 departments (offices), the Pastoral Parish Council and other Parish groups including 6 Choirs, Youth, Finance Committee, Lumko Pastoral Team, Catholic Women Association, couples etc.
In January 2007 the construction of a permanent church started, and with the effort of our community, assistance of Guadalupe Fathers and missionaries of St. Patrick we have managed to complete the whole building.

That we have Faith, Solidarity, Good leadership and physical development in our Parish Community.

Through  the preaching and witnessing the gospel promote unity, commitment and physical development through spiritual formation.

To strengthen our community and support physical development through faith, unity and commitment by 2016 - 2017.

The Parish is concerned on the holistic development of the community taking care of both, spiritual formation and physical and economical aspects. It is for this reason that following projects were started: - 
  1. Four Nursery schools
  2. One Primary school
  3. One Secondary school
  4. A Community Library
  5. Two Technical schools ( Tailoring and Hairdressing) 
The Parish has six departments: 
  1. Administration 
  2. Education 
  3. Human Rights 
  4. Faith Formation 
  5. Integral Human Development 
  6. Social Communication